A Meeting of Kindred Souls

Dear Kelli,

Life is amazing, isn’t it? Connections can happen all the time and if you are open to it, those connections can turn into the most amazing and rewarding friendships that you have the privilege of experiencing. Online friendships are wonderful and I consider those friendships to be very real, but when you can also meet in person, it is a fabulous thing. Meeting you was fabulous!! And in glorious Williamsburg, VA, no less.

First meetup at Williamsburg Outdoor World RV Park

First meetup at Williamsburg Outdoor World RV Park

Sensenig Family meet Lincoln Family in Williamsburg, VA. A beautiful place, beautiful family, deep conversations and warm hugs. All worth waiting for, completely and totally.

Jamestown Visit

Jamestown Visit

Here are a few posts that I wrote on The Sights Unseen, One about our visit to Coastal Virginia and the other when we visited Historic Jamestowne (which was enjoyed with you!).

I think of the other meet ups, wonderful conversation, conversations I want to continue and just being able to meet you and your family. Something I will cherish for quite some time.

I hope you are enjoying your continuing journey through VA and I’m here in PA looking forward to when our paths cross once again!

Joyful Journeys, Lincoln Family!

Christy xoxo


  1. Kelli says:

    It definitely didn’t feel like our first meeting, and I know it won’t be our last. What a serendipitous blessing to have had our paths cross at all! Cheers to our continued friendships!!!

    1. I agree, Kelli! 🙂