Autumn in East Tennessee

Dear Lincolns,

Happy 4 month nomadiversary! I was trying to remember where we were on our 4 month, which was in April of 2013. We were where we are right now! In East Tennessee! We must like it here! I know that feeling of always being in learning mode….we’re still there, almost 2 years into it. I think I really love that about fulltiming. It is a continual learning experience, whether it is about the rig, the weather, the people or the places. Learning continues to happen!

Speaking of weather…we have seen our share of the variety that weather brings. And yes, tornados included. We got out of Nebraska as quickly as possible over those suckers! Not my favorite. The snow in VA and TN, probably my 2nd least favorite. It is just not fun to drive an RV in that icy, snowy mess…. Although, playing in it is a totally different story. Lots of joy and laughter can be found in playing the white stuff, especially if you can come back inside to a warm cup of tea! I know that Hannah is looking forward to playing in it this year. Oh and by the way, if Hannah finds out you have a weather radio, she will be your best friend. She lives to find out what the weather is doing each day!

As for now, the beginning of Autumn is showing it’s colors to us. Last week, we saw just a few peeks of yellow over the lake near our campground and today we noticed more orange and red coming out. Next week will be even better, I am sure. It is nice to be able to watch all the colors emerge this year. Last year, we were in Texas at this time and we didn’t get to see any colors until late October in PA, which was amazingly beautiful and vivid.

View from our site in East Tennessee

View from our site in East Tennessee

The temperatures are very mild here. In fact, today was in the low 80’s. We are enjoying it while we can! Nights are chilly, but not like you are experiencing! I hope you guys are staying toasty warm. Snuggling close helps, for sure…and electric blankets!

I love the picture you shared and I can’t wait to see more as you journey on!

Joyful Journeys, my friend!