Holiday cheer!

Yes, so disappointed that our rendezvous didn’t work out this time. Those teen-temperatures were too much for us, too, and we headed to the coast post haste from Asheville. We’ll make it happen, never worry! 🙂

So we’re in Charleston now, and it’s wonderful here! This is the longest we’ve stayed in one place since our month in Trinidad, CA, and slowing down has been excellent. Moving every week (or twice a week) gets really tiring, as fun as it is to see so many new places. It’s a treat to settle down a bit and feel some normalcy. We’ve been here for about three and a half weeks now and feel like we’ve become residents! We now have a vet here (for the dog), and a dentist (for two of us), we’ve found a supply of raw milk at a barber shop (love the Raw Milk Underground, haha!), found plantains at a small latin market and cleaned out the japchae noodles in a going-out-of-business asian market, been to a minor league hockey game (and adopted the team – go Stingrays!), celebrated two birthdays and our first Thanksgiving on the road, bought new furniture (a new bed and a new loveseat), been to the dump (to get rid of the old ones), found a green dry cleaners for the sleeping bags, fit in driving practice for Rhanna, toured Historic Downtown twice, Boone Hall Plantation, Charles Pinckney Historic Site, Fort Sumter Visitor Center, Folly Beach, the Angel Oak, and many graveyards downtown, swapped out kids’ clothes at a local consignment shop (three of the kids have grown over an inch in the last month!), finished handmade holiday gifts for close friends and about 25 dolls for the Etsy shop and been to the post office with a ton of packages after a successful sale, decorated for the holidays, and received an amazing ROAK gift from a complete stranger. And we still have a few more things on our list to see before we leave next week! If, several months ago, you had told me that Charleston would be one of our favorite hometowns, I’d never have believed it. 🙂


Just a snapshot from my phone, but you get the idea. 🙂

Today we finished a mile of holiday paper chains and about a hundred snowflakes, so it’s looking festive in here. After living in the Sierras for so long, we really miss snow in Wintertime, so lots of paper flakes is what we have here in SC. 😉 We may get a little tree or something when we move to Savannah next week, we’ll have to see. Did you guys get a tree or do any holiday decorating?

Joyful Journeys, my friends!



  1. Christy says:

    Awesome post, Kelli! Love the holiday decorations you have! So festive 🙂 Question…Did you mean RAOK gift, as in Random Act of Kindness? Or does ROAK mean something totally different? Either way…how awesome is that? Love it when those moments happen!

  2. Kelli says:

    Yes, it was a random act of kindness, Christy – I have been wanting to write about it, so I will save the story. 🙂