Sad That We Missed You!

Dear Lincolns,

Our timing was impeccable and we missed crossing paths with you! The weather was a huge factor as we were having too many nights below freezing and needed to escape the cold temps, but another factor was our need to find a better deal on a campground rate and actually use our Thousand Trails membership that we pay for each month! We were disappointed, however, to not meet you all in person. We have a feeling it will happen, when the timing is just perfect.

Forest Lake Campground in NC

Forest Lake RV Resort in NC

After leaving the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee, we ventured into NC and landed in the Triad area (near Winston-Salem). We had some very warm days, some not-so-warm days, but all in all a welcomed retreat from the colder temps of the higher elevations. We are now currently back in Southwest VA, which is actually considered part of the Tri-Cities region as well, but further east than we were before. We are trying out a new campground that sits on the New River and is in walking distance to many walking trails, including the Virginia Creeper Trail and the Appalachian Trail. (We’re looking forward to writing more about that later!)

The view from our site of the New River---love how the fog just rests on the mountain! Peaceful.

The view from our site of the New River—love how the fog just rests on the mountain! Peaceful.

We are taking in some family time, time with friends and trying to find those spots that we have never seen before, just to spice things up a bit!

We are hoping that you are enjoying some warmth where you are, assuming  that you are still on the SC coastline! So much history there! We know you are all taking it all in. We are looking forward to hearing about it all!

Have a Joyful Journey, friends!

The Sensenigs