Sweet Friendships

Dear Lincolns,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience of crossing paths with people that are open to sharing your journey with you. It is an amazing experience to have those moments of connection with perfect strangers, but connected as fellow humans on our own journeys. And how lovely to have such a sweet gift on the eve of your birthday! Absolutely priceless!

This encourages me to recall the past 2 years we have been traveling. We have met so many amazing people in that time and although when we come to our home area and connect with familiar faces, it is wonderful to know that we have those types of friendships all over the US. Reconnecting with friends we met in Florida, a few months later, we may see them in New Mexico. Planning to stay at a certain RV park in AZ and we find out there are fellow traveling families parked right next to us. Making new friends in NV and connecting so deeply that we just don’t want to leave, but trust that we will meet again at some point in time.

I think I love connecting with people the most. Even the introvert in me shouts for joy when I know there is a familiar face nearby that can relate to where we are in life. All the schedules and plans are put aside with no questions asked, just so we can connect for a bit and tell stories of where we have been and what we have done…how things have changed since we saw them last…which areas were the best to visit, which ones to avoid.

I love this life! May you have many more serendipitous moments to cherish!

Sweet friends in Las Vegas, NV.

Sweet friends in Las Vegas, NV.

Joyful Journeys!